Dungeness Water Exchange

The Dungeness River is the lifeblood of the Dungeness Valley

It provides water for fish, farms, and families. The Dungeness Water Exchange seeks to restore balance and maintain a healthy river

Do You Need Mitigation?

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Mitigation Packages Offered

Indoor Mitigation


Indoor use (150 gpd) – $5,250

Note: The Exchange accounts for domestic mitigation using an average daily amount of 150 gallons (WAC 173-518-080b). Minimal incidental outdoor use such as washing windows, and watering potted plants in the footprint of the home is included.

Outdoor Mitigation

April 15th - September 15th

Basic Outdoor (2500 ft² – 210 gpd) – $5,250

Note: The amount of outdoor use is based on the amount of irrigation required for turf grass according to the Washington Irrigation Guide (20.80 inches/yr). A larger amount of landscaping or garden area may be possible with the same number of gpd.

Stockwater Mitigation


Up to 15 animals (180 gpd) – $5,250

Note: Department of Ecology has concluded that stockwater mitigation is needed for ungulates only (cows, sheep, pigs, horses, llamas, donkeys etc). This does not apply to poultry such as chicken and ducks, or pets such as dogs and cats.